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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Born in the Year of the RAT

For Year of the RAT facts, visit: Chinese Horoscope Guide and Chinese Astrology Online Contrary to what most people think that when you're born in the year of the rat and the upcoming new year is the Rat's it will be their lucky year...sorry to burst your bubble but, it doesn't really follow. Each 12 years the symbol or element changes and so does your situation. So if you were born in 1972 - water rat but 2008 is the earth rat, Chinese astrology says that this year the Earth will be on top of Water so it wouldn't be lucky for most Rats unless you are the Earth Rat. I recently dropped by the Chinatown and found that you would need to have certain charms to avoid being unlucky. For rats you would need the Ox Charm to block off negativity and Monkey Charm for prosperity. My mistake was, i bought the Monkey Charm first and thought i'd just get the Ox Charm later. Funny cuz, i didn't totally believe it and just thought it was fun but, at the start of the year with just the monkey charm, everything in my business seemed to turn out wrong. This meant without one the other doesn't work. So while i was in this mall i saw a booth selling Chinese charms. I immediately looked for the ox charm and bought it. Guess what, things started to change like magic! Oh well, i really don't fully recommend for you to believe in this but it doesn't really hurt to keep cute charms dangling from your purses or celfones or bags or by the door of your house. It's still good to couple your belief in the balance of nature with your faith in God. After all He is the master of each day that we live. However, here is the list that could help you know which charms you would need to make this year prosperous for you: This year the following birth signs will not have a lucky year - RAT, RABBIT, HORSE and RAM. In order to ward off negatives and have fortune, u need to have these charms: RAT should have OX and Monkey Charms, RABBIT should have DOG and PIG charms, HORSE should have TIGER and DOG charms and the RAM should have just the PIG charm. Now the following signs will have a fair year but they still need charms to help them by: OX should have SNAKE and ROOSTER charms, TIGER should have ROOSTER and MONKEY charms, DRAGON should have ROOSTER and MONKEY charms, SNAKE should have MONKEY and OX charms, MONKEY should have SNAKE and DRAGON, ROOSTER should have DRAGON and SNAKE, DOG and PIG signs, both should have the TIGER charm. Note that the first charm listed for your birth sign is to avoid being unlucky and the second charm is for prosperity. If you don't have the prosperity charm listed it's cuz it is already your lucky year. So, go and get your charm bracelets or celfone danglings now :)