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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Family First Text and Workbook...

...Before my husband arrived from the US he asked me to buy Dr. Phil's Family First Text & Workbook. We knew very well that our newly blended family will have some adjustments once we tie the knot. I started reading the book and learned very good techniques on how to raise your children and how adjustments are done and other ideas that would help your family become united not necessarily ideal or perfect. The book helps you to go through changes in you, changes in your life as a couple and changes in the life of your children. Dr. Phil also included examples and steps on how to go about certain strategies in disciplining the child. The only thing we noticed in the book is that some of the points wouldn't apply in the Philippine setting. However, most of his ideas would work if applied properly. It is very healthy for couples especially those who are blended to discuss their roles as new parents in the family, (or should i say renewed?) Especially when disciplining the child by a new parent or a new step-parent, the couple may as well decide on who should give the instructions or guidelines in the household and who would reinforce it. Sometimes at first kids don't welcome the idea that there would be a new disciplinarian in the family but slowly making them realize that the new person is very much into molding them as good persons as they grow would lessen the uprise of defense mechanisms or rebellion. As always and even in relationships in the family everything should start small. The Family First book is a good read and it is highly recommended that couples read the book and do a discussion to cap the night.

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