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Friday, December 14, 2007

Finally...a Rain Storm...

No, I'm not talking about some upcoming's Barry Eisler's third from his series of John Rain books. I've read the first two (Rain Fall and Hard Rain) already and was lucky enough to win the contest he had on his site for the release of Requiem of an Assassin. I got the unedited signed copy of that title. When I received the package i was wondering who would send me something from New York. I knew my brother was in New York but he wouldn't use a different name and a different address, much less send me something for a surprise...that is so unlikely. Anyway, i never thought i'd win it cuz i was late participating in the contest, although Barry sent me a message that i might get it. I got introduced to Barry's books through my fiance - Bry who is now my hubby. He likes martial arts a lot and everything about self-defense, fitness, muscle building and exercise so we found Barry's book info in Matt Furey's site. So Bry at that time bought the first two books and flew in the Philippines with it. The stories are awesome. It's got good twists and are very rich in information both in the culture of Japan and the techniques in self defense. You would learn how to do the SDR there. SDR? You gotta read the books to find out....hehehe...Naughty me...Now, i'll be reading the third book and the reason why i said finally, it's cuz it took a while for the book to be shipped from US to the Philippines cuz the book is out of stock here!...had i known, i could have had my hubby buy it for me before he came here in August. Barry as an author has personal touch to his readers through his site and he's also added to MySpace. I've already read the first book when i met Barry on MySpace. He was actually the one requesting to be added to my list. Probably cuz of the review i put in MySpace. It was funny cuz before i approved the add request I had to ask him if he's the real Barry Eisler??? I hit the send button too fast then i clicked the link to his site and i was, Oh no???!!! It's the real Barry Eisler!!!! I apologized and he replied back by's ok to be suspicious, John Rain would be proud of you!!!

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