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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Have You Marked Your Spot?

Yes I did, at WIKIMAPIA! It's an online map very similar to Google Earth but, you are allowed to mark a certain place that could be of interest to others. It could be your school, some famous restaurant or store, or it could be your crib. You can zoom it in enuf to see the roof of whatever ur gonna mark and it allows you to assign a URL for that specific place and of course a unique description of what the place is. It's free to mark your spot but if any body finds that it is not useful and they vote for it's non-usefulness then your mark will be removed. It takes a few hours before your mark will be shown in the map. The best thing for you to do to save the location is to drag the location in the middle of your screen where an x marks the middle and then you bookmark it. The next time you open the site with that bookmark and you click on the mark you will be asked if the mark is appropriate then you just click yes then the mark will be permanent. You can use this when showing your friends the direction to your house or let's say you are inviting friends to your wedding or any other party, this is one great tool. I know some of you have GPS! Anyway, this thing you can print out if you need to. Have fun marking your spot.