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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Real Taal Volcano...

This picture was taken by the crater lake of Taal Volcano last September 2007 (oops, sorry for the wrong time stamp). Wait a minute, u might think, if we're by the crater lake of Taal, then what is that mound at the background? Well, that is the Taal Volcano you always find in other people's pictures and on post cards, posters and even in children's textbooks. That's not the real volcano cuz the real one is right by us in that pic, which u can see in this next one:

That mound behind us is actually just a part of the Taal Volcano and it's not the real deal. The real deal is, you take a horseback ride goin' up the crater lake. Man, the horseback ride is kinda expensive so we decided to walk and hike! Me and Bry we're actually undecided to really hike up the crater because at the first part of the journey you really get to inhale dust and the funky smell of horse crap. This is why as you register at the Dept of Tourism booth they will hand you a face mask so you also avoid inhaling sulfur that goes with the dust. Here are pics of the red hot soil close to the peak and the sulphur deposits:

At the first leg me and Bry would ask each other, do you really wanna do this??? We've paid for the trip and the purpose of driving down there was to finally see it, so we both agreed, LET'S GO FOR IT!!! So, here's Bry with our tour guide Mang Totoy:

However the Taal Volcano tour actually began from Tagaytay. We scouted for a guy who can lead us to a place to stay overnight, so we met Mang Totoy by McDonald's in front of Taal Vista Hotel then he led our car with his friend's motorbike down Talisay to a private resort where we will take a boat to the hike path of the crater lake. It was a hot day so we cooled ourselves down at the pool. The kids had fun since the pool had a mini slide.

Then at 3pm we sailed to the other side of the lake to get to the volcano...

to be continued...........


BillyWarhol said...


great shots*


+ yeah i laffed out Loud at horse Poo*


Admin said...

Fantastic photos, I used to have relatives who lived in Hawaii and I remember going that as a child. Oh how I miss the beauty that surrounds you when you are there.

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Really great...

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