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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stretchy Matter

Your muscles tired, you suddenly stop doing a physical activity like typing on a PC or any desk job, or you just woke up...what is the primary movement you do after such moments? STREEEEEETCH! If that is not normal to you then something is wrong. Just as a cat needs to stretch after nap so should humans. We stretch to release the tension on our muscles, we stretch so our bones can absorb fresh energy and we stretch to strengthen our skeletal frame. Most women don't know that if they don't stretch it will compact their spine and affect their posture and height. Some people don't find it necessary to stretch and they end up too sluggish, too spent and sleepy even if their day had just started. I didn't realize this even after my hubby bought me a book entitled Stretch Your Life. It was sitting on my shelf for more than a year until i started working nights. I felt the pain at my lower back and instinctively started stretching on my chair at the office. I'd arch my back until it would feel good. My gym ball waiting for me in my room did start serving its purpose, i'd do a back bridge on it and from then on i stopped having lower back pains. However, i thought the more you hold the stretch, the better. Well, NOT! I gained a torn muscle just by extending my stretches, that the pain stayed for almost a month, it was almost disability and i stopped working for a few days just because of that. I thought that holding it for more than 3 seconds will help me but it actually did worsen the situation. Then i started reading the book my hubby gave me and there i learned about AIS which is the Active Isolated Stretches. AIS is all about the proper way of stretching the different parts of your body - breathing properly and holding it for a certain amount of time and not overdoing it. The author of the book is Chris Watts and 2 of his friends demonstrated the different stretches for your body in the book. It has pictures for the easy to follow steps and whats good is the book was made with some infused humor that a lot people think that stretching isn't too exciting or should it be given much attention. You can also find their demo on STRETCHASIA and they can explain in their site how stretching can improve your posture and save you from getting therapy after therapy for bad backs. Stretching can actually improve your life and make you feel new every time. SO STRETCH THAT BODY AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!