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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Cure for Mouth Sores...

I really don't have a scientific explanation for this but, the key word here is Enymes, so read on. One time, a friend of mine was asking me what could cure her baby girl's mouth sores, I didn't know what to say 'cuz I'm not a friend didn't even know how the baby got them, she just did a home research and found that only the mother's saliva can cure it. So off she went, brushed her teeth and mouth clean and after that she rubbed her own saliva into the infant's mouth. It was really a surprise for her 'cuz the mouth sores really got healed and she excitedly told me about it. So i said, okay if it works that way something should work with adults who get them especially during hot summer months. It's really a hassle trying to cure mouth sores with either salt or alum, both agitates the sore and makes it super painful. Every time you'd have it and every time you would use those home remedies, your pain thresh hold lowers, awwwwww, real sucky feeling, because of the mouth sore u can't kiss! But wait, with the thought that saliva could cure mouth sores, then maybe we can still kiss even if u have it. Well you just have to warn your hunny not to be too rough and hit the painful spots if he or she is probing your mouth for a good smooch - a suave and smooth kissing that is. Okay then, after brushing my teeth really good, i thought, why don't i try kissing my hunny passionately??? Which i did and sure enough a few hours after that, I no longer felt the pain and swelling, plus it left a good feeling cuz I have kissed my hunny intensely and passionately. So i was thinking, it could be the love that we shared that also hastened the healing and the love juices we shared in that kiss. Actually it's the enzymes present in our saliva that helps with the healing...haha, what a yummy way to get cured, sigh :) MWAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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