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Friday, November 23, 2007

"Don't cry because it's over, SMILE because it happened"

My fiancé once gave me this quote and all i felt about it was it's scary, it seemed like letting a loved one go - something i never would want to happen. I realized lately that it can mean many ways. Just recently he came to visit me and stayed for 4 weeks - 30 days of total bliss! Come last day (he was even late for his flight, because we totally got confused - so we had to re-sked it LOL), we were shipped back to reality that he had to go back to the US (and of course we have to save for our wedding day later this year) we had a hard time separating ourselves from each other at the airport, both holding back tears because the vacation is finally over. For days i cried - ahhh - separation anxiety !!! - how i hate it, just then i remembered this quote. We consoled each other with the thought that it's a temporary separation and we're at the last leg of our journey, the next meeting will make us permanent couples, building a life - a family, together. Now I got this smile back, for he came to be with me for a while and made good memories...tears are fading fast...we're welcoming the days to come of being together for good.

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