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Friday, November 23, 2007

Your Age Is Just Another Number

In the Philippines, whenever you add another year to your age, they ask whether the number you would give is still included in the calendar or worse, the bingo game. For mine, you would have to guess, hehe, cuz i defy my age! The thing is, if you don't feel your age, you will not look your age. I can attest to that, unless you have something going personal against me, but objectively, if you know me and my age, you will agree that what i'm saying is true, true? Save your answer for the comment and if you have a disagreement you're not invited to my birthday celebration - hahahaha, if there is any! LOL! Seriously, if you are having problems about your looks, try changing the way you think or look at yourself. If you want see yourself as vibrant, full of life and sexy...start feeling that living that way. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and present yourself, by your clothes and the way you move and talk the same way you want people to see you. You will be surprised that people will start seeing you the same way. It really works! You might even want to start that by talking to yourself and convincing yourself in front of the mirror. Nah, if you worry about people thinking that you're going nuts doing that, please don't forget to close the door LOL! But yeah, you have to start from scratch just to change your attitude towards yourself. As for my's just a number...honestly i don't feel it, i'm stuck with age if you ask how old i am...(with a shrug) What did i just say?

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MSC UK said...

correct, your only old when you feel it..

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