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Friday, November 23, 2007

Long Distance Relationships...are you brave enough to handle this?

Pronunciation: "fE-"än-'sA, fE-'än-"
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Middle French, from past participle of fiancer to promise, betroth, from Old French fiancier, from fiance promise, trust.

Pronunciation: "fE-"än-'sA, fE-'än-"
Function: noun
Etymology: French, feminine of fiancé

So, you finally met a boyfriend online...whom you think or hope will love you for what and who you are and vice versa. While your relationship is new and it is different because it's online based you need to ask a few questions to yourself in the way you can handle such relationship. First of, you need to know if they are sincere in their intentions. For a start you really know what intentions are but in the long run you would easily know from the way they talk to you and the means to talk to you and how much care and attention they would put in every time they communicate. Second, you might want to know if both of you can endure the distance with all the "craving to see each other feeling." Then you have to think if both of you will click in all forms of communication or when u finally meet in person. Then you try to figure what your future will be like. From my relationship of four years with a wonderful guy I met online (and the relationship is still ongoing)...I will inject my personal experience in this blog so it can aid women on how to go about what online relationship they may have. Plus, i will be lifting articles from other sites that you can also visit for more, hope this all helps. If you may have comments or questions, I'm all open to that. Cheers!

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